Japanese Tea Ceremony in Virtual Reality


The goal of the environment is to introduce the user to a cultural tradition as a guest and transition to a participatory role as a performer of the tea ceremony. Upon donning a headset, the user is welcomed in a garden setting and lead to a chashitsu (tea room).  The user can physically move to inspect the interior of the space.  Users can interact with the arrows to prompt voiceover explanations.  When interacting with an artifact, users may lift and move the object.


Frank, mid-60s, Retiree
Frank is a recently-retired federal government employee who lives in northern Virginia.  He enjoys spending his afternoons exploring the galleries and exhibits at the Smithsonian museums scattered across Washington, D.C. and spends his evenings watching travel documentaries, both on TV and on YouTube.

Frank’s Current Journey

Goal: Learn nuances of Japanese tea ceremony to improve cultural literacy and satiate curiosity

Ayami, 15, High School Student
Ayami, a 2nd year high school student in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan, lives with her Mom and sister while her dad is mostly away for work. Her favorite subject is history, and she loves visiting historic landmarks around her city. Ayami has been looking for a club to join after school that combines her academic interest and desire to make friends. 

Ayami’s Current Journey

Goal: Practice tea ceremony privately to alleviate nerves and strain from limited physical materials

Experience Walkthrough

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