Learning About Virtual Reality

This is a project in learning how to creating emerging technology from a Graduate Design Studio in Fall 2018.

In an exploration of emerging technology and systems thinking, I chose to learn about virtual reality. I had the initial goal of learn how to create and code a prototype version of the Google VR TiltBrush. However, I scaled my goals back to understanding what are the basic components of a VR simulation and object interaction. Not only did the assignment entail learning about VR, but also learning about learning about VR.

I first established familiarity with the Unity game engine through video tutorials and the Steam gaming platform for powering VR equipment (in this case, the HTC Vive VR headset and controllers). The majority of the project involved learning about more objects are assigned animations and controls, textures, and materials.

With what I had learned about creating in VR, I combined this with my initial research interest in design and coping mechanisms for mental health disorder and created a prototype using the “container” mechanism. The basic idea is identifying negative affect such as negative self-beliefs and casting them away to revisit later if that person wishes to do so. This final product of my learning about VR was the video recording below: