Walk-A-Way Augmented Reality Prototype

“Walk A Way” is a mobile application that gives users a space to express their emotions, take a walk to another location in order to reduce distress, and dispose of negative self-talk or beliefs within any given environment.


  • Create a catalyst for expressing negative emotions
  • Give the user an opportunity to mediate/reflect and, therefore, decrease the negative feelings
  • Strengthen the connection between mental wellness and augmented reality

The main influences for this project were Pokémon GO for promotion of physical activity and it’s influence in mental health as identified in this study, and Pixel Thoughts bubble generator for manifesting stressful thoughts into another tangible form.


In my initial wireframe sketches, I mapped out the UI elements for the app portion of the prototype and aimed to give users a task/goal at different stages of using the app. I also sketched an example coping mechanism to play out in augmented reality, thinking of what the interaction and animation should look like.

I built the prototype in Axure and tested the interactions on the Axure Share mobile app. It is also accessible through the Axure Share website.

The video below simulates the augmented reality animation, interaction, and mobile phone camera access. The concept I tested was turning the affect into a rolling stone that would roll and sink into a body of water. The video below is a simulated use of the app: